When Destiny Met Determination!

This is one episode I’d like to tell my kids and have them tell their kids. It’s the story of destiny meeting determination.

The first time I laid my eyes on this beauty was exactly 30 minutes before a scheduled ride back from Malaysia. But one glance and you know you have to take this home. Dug from an excavation site with autentic battle damage lay a 16th century Samurai Sword / Katana at a genuine antique dealer in the heart of KL.

When I first pulled it out of the slightly rustic quiver, a strange (if I may add) shiver went down my spine. That’s when I knew we connected. Often believed to be a part of a warriors soul, the katana lay in an extreme corner of the shop. Disguised to the eye in a way. The first thing was to call a friend in India and ask him if one could get arrested for bringing in an antique into the country, that too a sword. The only assurance I got was “Come back. I’ll bail you out if you got arrested.”


But my journey was far from over. The first step was to get a clearance from Malaysian customs. The funny part was placing this under the X-ray machine. You should have seen the faces of airport customs team. Step two (and I knew this would be difficult) was declaring this in Indian customs. Their first reaction was ‘Why do you need it?’ I mean hello! Won’t you want to have one? Their first reaction was that this comes under the Arms and Ammunition Act and hence was out of the sole jurisdiction of the Customs. Fine I said, so what would I need to do? Get an NOC from the police on a particular date and time as convenient to the customs officials. So had the sword sealed and kept at the airport for two days.

After which, I spent an entire day accompanying an official to the police station, getting an NOC from the police and getting the NOC back to customs for clearance. Yes! This can happen too! That was not all… the Superintendent refused to release it even then. Why? Am sure you will love this answer ‘Not releasing this on my shift. Am not signing the release papers even if the police have cleared this. Wait for the shift to end.’ That was 4 ½ hours away. So I just stood there, outside his office. A bit of ‘Gandhigiri’ ho gaya. Must add that the other team members in customs were quite helpful and they were trying to tell me ‘Sorry about this. But, vo aise hi hain.’ Those 4 ½ hours were quite a revelation. But if honesty and fair play in terms of following our laws had got me so close to owning this piece then it would take me through this as well. And that is exactly what happened. The shift changed and the next guy was welcoming of the story.



You Are The Legacy.

Last year, our family had to deal with the loss of two loved ones. It’s like your world crumbles. Nothing seems to be able to fill the void that such a tragedy brings along. As part of the rituals, a lot of people come and spend time with you. Old friends to your loved ones who reminisce about yesteryears. Then there are the ones who want to know how they passed away. As you painstakingly explain what happened; It is here I believe that life gives you a window.

Image Credit | MyMordernMet

Image Credit | MyMordernMet

Think of this: We spend our lives defining who we are and making a place for ourselves. A lifetime spent on making our mark in society. Making our parents proud and living a distinguished life. Creating our own legacy and leaving something for the next generation, hoping for the best.

While the pain takes time to go away and we find our coping mechanisms, we decide to work hard, leave a mark and create a better version of the future.

What we however tend to forget is that we are already living a purpose.

You see, our loved ones never really leave us. They live through us and our actions as we pass our values to the next generation. You are the legacy your loved ones meant to create. You define them just as the next generation defines you. Understanding this helps to give meaning to our lives. No one lives for ever. The pain then, is replaced by peace.

To quote a line from the Last Samurai

” Tell me. How did he die?  I’ll tell you how he lived “. So ask me again.


7 reasons why you must watch Krrish3 !

Normally, am not someone wanting to dedicate a full post to a film. But I guess when you spend oodles to watch India’s first highly recommended ‘Superhero’ film, it deserves this pedestal in cyberspace. XMenOh no! This is not a mistake, don’t let the XMen poster fool you. Krrish3 is a super duper out of the box inspired movie from characters, scenes and plots of this movie and many other popular comic characters /films like the Matrix, Iron man, Hulk, Superman, Spider man & Avengers. It has all this and much more [If you can handle it]. Here are seven reasons why you must watch this movie. 

1. You get to meet ‘Kaal’. If Prof. Charles Xavier had a dream that he had an evil twin who could combine his powers with those of Magneto, this one makes it happen.

2. For the first time ever, in the history of Cinema anywhere will you see a ‘Mutant’ {a mystique alike} who lacks ‘feelings’ in a love song sequence with costume changes. Also, it will show you some breathtaking locations.

3. You will get immediate flashbacks of sequences from other cult Superhero movies and will wonder what their next trailer looks like.

4. You will learn that Bournvita can make you a scientist, Fortis Hospitals saves lives and keeps a logo on every pillow, AirIndia still sucks at retaining people, SIS has a hire and fire policy like no other and that Flair pens has stopped making ball pens and is now into extensive tie-ups with Scientists to develop and create a design that can capture and channel the energy of the sun.

5. India will learn that ‘Krrish ek soch hai. Krrish hum sub mein hain. Krissh … forget it.’

6. You will learn that wrapping your tongue around people can cause you to hibernate or worse…get you killed.

7. You will see that no matter what you do, movies will get you to buy more ‘Krrish merchandise’ especially for kids and no matter what happens, you have to believe that the human body nothing more than a solar charger.


If there are a few things that do deserve a medal (seriously) those include the make-up done for Hrithik as ‘Rohit’, the editing and the Special effects /VFX. Some scenes sure can give some serious ‘takkar’ to Hollywood. Especially the transitions shots for Kangana who plays ‘Maya’ a.k.a. Mystique from XMen. Kudos to the effort in pulling this off. And last but not the least, Hrithik for his acting as Rohit. [Rekha’s son] Or was it the other way round? Wait, there’s baby Rohit who can fly too. Get ready for Krrish4 [based on the adventures of Superboy]. Do we see another franchise?


A love story (of a few words)…

Unless so specified, a love story is known to transcend boundaries. Cross borders and move mountains. Lovers are known to yell from roof tops, cross the highest mountains, fight with the world and go against the tides. Or at least, that’s how the story goes in most movies. You have a protagonist, an obstacle and a happy ending. [More or less]. Lovers are of different types. The ones who are all out to proclaim their love and tell the whole world that cupid has struck. They want to share that warm fuzzy feeling you get that makes you go weak in the knees. Sigh ! Love.

People go to great extents to show the world that they have found their soul mate. It can start by ‘adding’ a life event on Facebook or changing your relationship status. There is more :  having the same ‘lovey dovey’ profile picture and commenting on each others wall with emoticons and heart symbols on every update, posting pictures of gifts received, candle light dinners. Getting a tattoo. The list goes on.


And then there is the love story (of a few words). Where telling your partner ‘I love you’ 5 times a day is simply not part of the DNA. It’s the more (for lack of a better word) ‘quiet / understated sort’ of love. Where holding hands while shopping or having identical profiles is simply not it. Are they not in love you ask ? Yes! They very much are. Their love is that of a few words. It’s when having long conversations are not really needed. When a few words will suffice. It’s when you ‘simply know’ that this is the person you want to grow old with. The person who may not hug you every day but will love you unconditionally. Will poke you when you grow a beer belly but will love you even more cause now there is simply more of you. Will quietly come and put her head on your shoulders as you watch TV or read the newspaper. Not say a word. Smile and carry on.

You see, being in love is not about having the same identity. Instead, its about loving each other for the way the other person is. You may not like all of each others habits but you’ll surely love each other. You may even fight or show your displeasure on something but the love is still there. Where somewhere, losing your identity to be compatible is not the objective. There. In that one moment you know, their love is a different kind. A love of a few words. A few words it is.


Stuff That Simply Makes Your Day!

You know the old saying : The one about the grass being greener on the other side. Well, let me candid in saying that it’s not. There are days or even months in your life when you might question what you do and why you are into following your dreams while you listen to your friends talk about fat pay packages with a crazy work culture. Then there are the months when the future looks like a dark bottomless pit and you start worrying about the future. There are a few good days and a lot of those when you are simply firefighting while hoping to meet deadlines and cash flow requirements. You can’t sleep because your dreams keep you up at night. You wonder if taking a ‘slower paced’ life or the road less traveled while stretching beyond your capabilities is really worth it. And then, something like this happens. You get an email from a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. An unassuming two liner saying ‘she read something that made her think about what you are doing’. A simple mail with a link that takes you to a site where a cartoon strip awaits you that goes something like this.Made my Day !

Thank You ‘Pallavi Gupta’. My Hero. You simply made my day.